Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wisdom from the moon

The Moon broke out for several hours. And I ventured out for every one of them. He stared me in the eyes and with squinted gaze he dared me to fly and capture some of his dust, seein if I could catch him. I looked away for seconds. Climbed to the top of the tallest point I could find around me and looked up, this time much closer to his face. Then I dared him to come down a little closer so I could kiss his chin. He told me no. Said, " My place is the sky, my home is the oblivion and I carry no such attachments to earth's creatures."

I responded, " Is that why you are so sad?"

He said, " The creatures therein of this planet I roam are not the attachment I seek. It is the earth that I Love, and nothing more could lay a planet waining so weak."

I asked, " Why? Could I learn a lesson of this Love that you speak? For I Love the earth as well, as if some spell has bound me to the ground."

" My dearest son...I have watched you. In my nights light you move. But I've also seen your dreams and tears, as well as the way you groove. I have watched since birth to see this man arise from a pile of mesh. And cavities and nightmarish realities you have entered in yours and others mess. My son, it's not really the earth you Love. But the creatures within for their life force depends on such. This isn't a virtue or physical essence that can be explained between logic and dust. But a reality, not a feeling, a destiny, a timed plan. Since the time a hand reached from heaven to link the heart of God to man."

" Is the entity you speak of something all can see and know?"

He said, " No son, look at the tree as it begins to grow. It doesn't move. Doesn't ask or demand. Even when it has great lack. Doesn't flinch when your creatures come at her with an axe. But it's the roots I speak of that do the deeper work. See the branches and the trees get to see the light above. And celebrate the life and doves that make their homes in their healthy arms. But where they gather life force you see is from the earth. And their roots MUST plunge down into something aged and of worth. And this is the truth of it, my son. When life gets old and all gets undone. Where would the sun be without the earth? And where would the earth be without the moon? We travel in orbit. Whom is travelling with you?"
" My son, take this, and hold it, because your connection is with earth. But in a different sense of what is temporary, the lifeline of man. Imagine MY heart, I spoke of waining before...carrying such emotion through the years. Not coming out when there were those who begged me to, but they had you. Or some form of you."
"So take this, my son. I am in Love with the earth. You are in Love, and that's all that needs worth. But make sure to base it on deep roots, and your heart exactly knows whom it is who is with you to share your ebbs and flows."
" And, my son, I leave you with this thought: It's hard to Love inanimate objects, that have not the ability to Love. As the earth is with me, don't let it be with you. For so many there know how to and choose not to. And their time is of your essence. Hold onto that Love, it will more than prove the test and time. Watch me, son, and you'll see. For I have watched every last part of Love on earth...and have yet to speak to one of these. But to you I give my secret, and please don't put away..."

" Oh, I wont, sir! I swear I wont!"

" My son, just wait. And you'll see a light that blinds you and all others that surround. That brings such Love and unity from the deepest earth's core found. And life will simply emanate to all those that surround your heart and Love's heart connected, could bring ALL EARTH'S WALLS DOWN!! Commit to be the crutch and soon'll wear Love's crown."

" I Love you, son."

And he leaned back, into the sky above. I reached for my heart and knelt to the ground. Clutching heart in hand and hand over and over as the tears...fell...down. In the reflection, I saw you, YOU...and all confoundment did abound. From a back so sore of carrying all these others weights around.

I need you and want you and will not move away. And I say what you cannot right now. WE ARE CONNECTED, and to that truth, I humbly bow...

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