Friday, July 30, 2010

Solace, Safety, "Home"

Only let go once, wow. Not even to make mention of ****. Awestruck at the gracious sky's who allowed us a chance at the one thing that could shake mountains of hate, we weren't ready.

" I am here. I'm all around you. You feel this at your darkest times. The times when you feel alone, which is almost always. And my heart breaks for you."

Temped guest walks in a half circle towards you from the far corner of the room, he is a familiar presence.

" I am here. And in the mind of your mind I fight behind your eyes the terror that haunts your dreams. Staying purposefully out of sight, so the magic stays where it should. An essence of presence."

Dark visage guest steps closer as you stay still, in your full flowing, night lit'ness.

" I am here. Listen to me, Love. The shadows that I cast while passing from sun to sun, from moon to moon. See they fall at you. As if I was stuck in an ancient time piece, pointing its way at you for eternity. Like you were always my "home"."

Stepping closer, only this time, your breath slows, feeling a familiar longing. A good presence that's been missed.

This time a whisper, " I am here. You don't have to be afraid of me. I am not here to hold you. As this Love and yours has looked over the suffering, and held tightly still. Nothing is too deep for us to plunge. Nor too long to swim.

(written: 7/30/10)

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