Thursday, February 14, 2013

Again, Thinking Outloud

feeling your eyes on my page, not sure of the process.
Maybe a cordial thought is in my mind of you..maybe its phallic as well...cordially phallic. What an interesting sentiment. But for now, it's just my thoughts.

i feel sometimes that my focus is a bit misconstrued. Thinking my audience is a bit more specific, but that's not the case. I Love to live in the realm of possibility, as if things will present themselves in the time, and again, I'm SO a fault.

speaking of faults and recalling the mistakes we've made as a nation (not to complain being in the 'land of the free'), all political. Maybe I've been too political, or critical. The propensity is like plastic lyrical cylindrical miracles spun in disregard for the physical of mathematical calculation. Eluding to the mystical value of a soul thinking itself higher than its theoretical Maker, so...disproportional to an intended thought of the individual explaining the patterns of thought inside of THIS Scorpio's head. And I often wonder why I am so misunderstood by so many...but I know me..I know ME.

in conclusion, which is no end at all, this is a simple conversation from head to heart, trying to decipher the lines in between the rampaged emotion.

Nonetheless..need to get out, it's mad hat night with two fine young gents whom always, ALWAYS have my mind in mind, trying to be me. No matter how much I tell them to be any other man. Time to get to Fashion Valley, because we have fashion to attain for Mission Valley...because we're on a mission.

That will be all, you can go now. Good Night. :)