Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something strong this way went

That taste...still on my lips. The tip of the hose kept a lingering taste of sweetness from a piece of a torn map. You left it, it's still there.
The truth in secrets behind every whimsical stare somehow remaining untouched by every day of emotional struggle. Like a child fighting to keep warm outside in a winter's chill. I felt you, without cause or reason.
And called it "Love".
The goals glowed as bright as the coals at midnight and later, finding a peace inside the obscenity of a man trying to provide a better life for something you were always right about...something that never had a definition...I'm now at peace, remembering that you were correct, in every way.
If I'm me, and you're still true you, then we've both found something. Whether it be a ripped treeswing in the distant future, or a pain of something that should have never been lost, its a discovery, nonetheless. I would ask you, allow yourself to sleep in the solace of such a new place. Unfounded from the foundation to the steeple. A church of the new, an open air venue, where you always were the preacher, choir, congregation and the the one faulted by Love's cause..are you still there? Wandering through pews and aisles where you expressed the passion of everyone around? Or are you alone? Regardless of the physical disposition, it follows you, unsplintered and true to its form, the church of your soul. And it cries still to you, find yourself, LOVE...yourself. Be at peace, on this earth, with yourself. It deserves you and you deserve the best your Dad has to offer, which is not yourself.
...I gotta go...and I can only be what I was created to be, all else is vanity (do you remember?). I give you what I can, which is still too much, I still believe in the best in you. There is still time, there is still hope. He awaits behind the open door you keep staring at. I'd ask you to stop waiting. Walk slowly, carefully. Nothing else matters now but truth. That sweet taste has effected me forever, and I will carry it without anger or distain. Your spirit is more pure than to be what you believe you are. Be well. You are greatly Loved.
I'm thankful for the healing piece of the map. It has helped to make me whole and find my way to my treasure. Of which is so much more grand than I allowed myself to imagine..even in my strong belief and idealistc nature, you would know that's bigger than the planet.
Be well...please, be well. You ARE greatly Loved.