Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Things They'll Never See

So, our family huddles. We wait for the news that is inevitable. In this time, all we expect is pain.

But we are young..and strong. Weak is for the emotionless. We choose to feel all things.

She looks at him, in that moment. The soundtrack of her choice plays through her head, making a mainstay memory. This one is gonna hurt a while.
He reaches for her in the silence that is all he's capable of now. The words flow without a sound and effort to her soul, " It's's going to be ok...Love has you, my little darling."

She weeps.

She feels her heart just cannot bear another heartache. She asks herself, inquisitive and pendantic what went wrong. If there was some evil that is lending itself to help the karma of the moment overtake her well-earned, goodness of a soul.

It's nothing.
Truly nothing, Love.

Life is as we make it. We get thrown pieces we are expected to make sense of. Placing them on top of the deep piles of unused portions of our lives that we just, don't, want, to see, any longer. And it's ok, really is.

Your mind is akin to those that see those pieces of dark color and saddening sediment for what they are. And after the moment of surprise is giggle. Not a full blown laughter, and nowhere near a cynical reaction, but a reality re courses its path through your soul and it tickles you.

You wont be bought.

You wont be subtle.

You wont be sold.

You wont be disabled.

You wont be crushed...

You, wont, be..destroyed.

Because you've seen it before. The pieces that come as a part of this life.
And you remember assembling them to a point.
But you remember, as you stood back, you saw it only pieced together an ugly mosaic of control. A stained tapestry of moments life told you to quit.
And you remember, it nearly had you convinced. But then you quoted the above, all on your own. In the silent places no one has ever seen, or heard of..not even those closest to the deepest part of your selfless Love. The places where your powers are only limited by what you believe. The things they'll never see...the strength they'll never see.

Because it lies underneath your tears. They see that as weakness. And 'the powers that be' throw you more and more to get you to break. But they don't realize cannot break what is unbreakable...

...and its unbreakable...because its broken...

You are, and it's's the only way the true light in the dark can overcome all things.

It's the only state where we are truly strong.

So gather your sticks, make a fire..stay a while. The breath you breathe is fresh and new. And while you sleep here, you affect them. Do you know? I believe you do..and so do 'they'. The rest of your world. You save them everyday by it, your brokenness.

Shine on, my sweet friend. Your light has even touched my soul.

Shine on. :)