Thursday, September 18, 2014


Taking time, for a few minutes...i want to savor something.

It might be years in the future..or tonight...we might just get bored. Like a lull between two massive ocean waves.
I've been in those type of storms. They take the sun and sky from you all at once. They take you from the highest you've been and plummet you to the deepest you'll be, for that storm...and funny thing is, you *never* move an inch forward or backward.
You just wait.
All portholes closed.
All doors latched.
All sails tied.
Keel drawn.
All rigging secured.
Many call it "being at the mercy of the storm.

I call it waiting.

There's nothing you can do about it, but wait. You've already decided to be out there..looking at the sky and weighing the possibilities that weather may change. One could say that's commitment.


And the most Lovely thing about it: We'll be together.
Having weighed well the commitment to be on this ocean. Knowing there *WILL* be storms. There will be times when we can do nothing else but let it take us.

In those moments, we'll be together. Waiting for the seas to right themselves.
Because after all, we are not masters of the oceans or their tides and ways. We are only masters of ourselves.
But...we can harness it...we can manipulate it...we can make it work for us.

Remember this.
Remember the highs.
*Remember* the lows.
And just wait...
And don't worry, you're boy's a fuckin sailor. ;)