Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Driving up the 5, empty. Taking you with me.
Pine-scented moon covers up the horror of the scent of night spent "alone", 342 so far.
Finds me listing. Like a large boat with not enough sails to capture the wind propelling it.
YOU propel me, with candles light.
Sends me whining into bright lights and familiar sights and starlight.
And a memory, in infantile manner that presents itself, "I was here once, Lover...and I NEVER left you."
See the proof?

Listening over and over to her Love spoken over invisible wire connection.
There is NO antenna that can give this reception.
There is no hard wire that can carry information to define.
That language passed away with the death of the 1st man to create lyric.
Reverberating and bouncing. Running through time to accent the background of our 2nd, first kiss.

The other night I drove miles and miles 'til I found a lonely patch of sky, not connecting with earth at her'eyes'on.
Beckoning the aching heart to sit and chat.
We sat and named each other for hours. I named them all after you so I could look up and see you no matter where I am.
They sent me their hugs and kissance but the distance seems so far and light only travels so fast so I sent them a letter.

The letter that proceeds God's breath as He breathed on an ocean of black.
The letter that causes a reaction, no matter where It's been cast.
The letter that causes human to human care, formless and attached.
The letter that brings the poison inside logical insight to act.
The letter you and I utter and stutter, directly.

Bring me.

A shoulder? Sure...
A backboard? Ok...
A diving board? Hmm, maybe...
A confidant? Have to check the roster...
Just to be "here"..."now"? The least of what I have to give, but you know this...

And here I am. Patience, the only light under night sky. It's ok because she knows me.
"...hey Patty, long time, much seen. Give me a damn cigarette, will ya?? SHIT..."

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