Saturday, July 17, 2010


Laying next to his face. Tears already accumulate on the pillow falling sideways from fatherhood's experience, this time joy.
I can't even help but stare. Even dared by the prince of light himself to look away from such an Angel, I just couldn't...he has every part of my soul.
A flutter crosses his eyes and I hold my breath. A wisp of grin touches his perfect lips like wind cuts meadow lands...then a sigh.
What crossed his little mind in lucidity I'll never know. But I am content to know it made him smile in subconsciousness.
Every breath I take in as if a tree drowning for air. It's so pure, life.
You have shown me my path little one. You have saved this wretched soul from himself.
One day, I'll tell you the story of me. But right now, my world is paused as you sleep. Waiting to take in the next 1st thing you'll say.

Sweet dreams my sweet sweet boy. Your dadda Loves you. Your dadda's got you-