Tuesday, December 25, 2012


burns bright in the west. Like a fire at its last breath, reaching further before it dies...

the color reaching emotions too high for human souls, more neurotic than alien species. An emotion that killed off civilizations.

the spark that fills the immediate atmosphere, with sprites that kindle north and south..a whole fucking world of dim light..where all looks a standard of beautiful in the collective. Both straight and bent souls can conceive.

makes Love to the entity's above, kissing pain. Falling deeper into the salty turbulence, abreast the beautiful and sad grit and mire.

bringing the desire to see her eyes once more. The floor in the mansion of a broken heart in Kerouac's cynical speech of life and honor.

its so cold...its so alone...

beckons the whole in me to fall again, over and over, til the rest is dust. Waiting for the rain to wash away the truth of me. To reveal to me the truth-

That I am...nothing.

its everything. Its everything. Forever and always~