Thursday, July 22, 2010


Something present.

Not an oracle, not a sign but definitely orchestrated by higher'ness.

A groan over a year's separation. Pain that epidurals cannot block.
Only the rebirth of something...true.

True as in the promise of another sunrise. Or a Loving mothers milk to an infant in need.
Whether hers or not, the need will be met.

And I float somewhere between heaven and the hell of earth, no longer wondering if she's real.
She knocked at my door, " Babe, it's time to go!"

I gather my pretty socks and hi-top converse, transverse the cold cement of hater's outer exterior. Let them be I say, and I will Love anyways.

We drive. Faster than the light forcing it's way out of the heart now rebuilt and attached.
With glances at the past but no remorse lingers over the forgiveness. A price to be paid for an undertaking's unrelenting passion.

Our Love will light this path. Familiar because we've been here before! But it's nearly autumn. After the rain and heat have settled into the monotony of life's passages. Now we can see. And the path springs forth it's life essence from being fallowed. We know this time is coming, but let's not hasten.

Work to be done in the garden. Although beautiful the fall setting sun has made it, still green thumbs plunge into fresh tilled earth...and the scent of it! Fascinating...invigorating!!!

The bitterness of winter gone. Weathered, while wearing some other's skin. Thankful for the protection but no longer needed. For we have reached the definition of health. The understanding of two halves of a whole becoming one.

Letting go of the sinews that brought us away from unity.

She cries out! Screams in pain as I double over in sympathy, feeling the inside of the "O" in Love fall from inside me.

She pushes and I grasp her hand tightly, " I wont let go! ...i, wont, let, gooooo....." and to the whisper.

Wisp of cloud moves in, the pre-ignition of thunderstorms around this universe.

To protect and guard this new life. Arriving at the exact moment the earth begins to die.

We can save it now! We can live here now!

Let the light be our tavern. Let this Love be our home. Sprinkled with exacting precision of attentive heart.

The wailing of a newborns cry...taking this life's first breath...





Show me the door, and I will show you the meaning of why "Z" is not the final letter in our alphabet soup.

Stay here and spell words that only we can define.

But never with words...nevermore with speech. But herein with finger paint on pants Divine. Let's redefine. Show them a world where crust is always cut, and apples always peeled. To find a peace inside each other that everything surrounds and bounds to live, higher and higher.

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