Monday, July 12, 2010

Kiss, kiss

Thinking about kissing her, deeply.
Pausing only to breathe through the sea of our reciprocal tears flowing down Love that stops life.
And captivates the nature surrounding the innocent garden where life was first born into.

Hands falling into the spaces between physical knowledge.
The pathways carrying our vital substances and energy reach toward and grasp hold of each other, intertwining into a mosaic of deeply seeded essence.
She sniffs, looks aside before engaging into where I end.
Reaches from the vertical entanglement to touch. My skin depresses before she ever gets close. A gentle reverberation emanates from the tips of her fingers like someone forgot to add humanity's de-static cling sheet to our salt-scented laundry pile.

We begin to ebb and flow. Feeling life force pass between us. Waining and exhilarating, eyes on each other for the giving. Never taking what we deserve from each other.
Everything melts around us...

Pushing our way through society's observation with our non-conformity. Still only focused on the thread tying our hands and wit behind our backs. The thread of space between spots in our eyes. A language only understood through hearts interpretation of the way a tongue dances inside our kiss. A secret time only holds but knows nothing of. A riddle outlasting Piper's lyric. Making Love fall in Love...



Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm speechless, breathless, just in a trance. Wow!

Twinkle Eyes ;)

Speaking my mind "aloud" said...

Awe! My 'anonymous' friend...its meant that way. Im glad for your rekindled friendship..if I ever wrote you, you might pass out! Ha! Thanks for being a fan, love :). Going to perform this one with my sissa in Texas.