Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breath #2

They're all I have...

A wisp of grin, a series of mouth palps..clearing his tongue in his sleep. Chewing on gum in a dream, making conversation with the Angels as he sleeps...I wonder what they're talking about?

I'm an engineer by trades and school. I look around and notice the angles and symmetry of my surroundings. Trapezoids, triangles, ellipses, radii and diameters. I see the imperfections, the design flaws in what men of stature send me to look over and give opinions to, to design a better product for a better world, many of a time...

I haven't counted how many times I've watched them as they sleep, the only time I get to touch them without a reaction.

I have yet to find something out of place...and it's what I do. I make $XXXXXX doing this for companies, local and abroad...I can't find...ONE.

And it's one first I've had where I have no questions.

In my mind, I go on for miles and miles. Perpetually expressing the Love, the purity and intent..I want to be good, kind of need to be...

You save me everyday...every day.

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