Thursday, March 28, 2013


There’s more!!!
-Haven’t yet discussed the open-ended, perpetually, non-terminal relationships you keep, pk…W…T…F, bra???
(What comes next is a conversation with myself. I wouldn’t disclaim this, but I’m trying consideration). To self:  “ Convo with self…? You’re so fucking neurotic, you silly cynic..a convo it is, then:”.

Yes, bra..they’re very open-ended. I like to keep company that I cant keep, HAHAHA!!
So lets dive deep into the narcissistic value here...a question..who can handle you? In your opinion..?

No one.

Why’s that?

I haven’t a clue, just like the way it sounds. Makes it seem like I have massive walls to overcome.

Did you scare her?

Which one?

Dude, really? (hahaha!)

Yes pk, fucking really! No joke, I haven’t a clue whom you’re talking about…notice the grammar. It’s amazing, jussayin.

Not ALWAYS spell that wrong…

It’s on purpose, son of a bitch. But wait, what??

“ Live unbruised, we are friends….I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

What’s that??

Don’t know she defined that.

Yeah, but does she know you, though?

Yeah..she TOTALLY does…

One foot in the sea, one in the sand/fire.

Hey!! Finish that text! You could totally get us laid tonight. You know I’m not as smooth when I’m like this..

Well then maybe you should be doing this…? Ya think?? Ah, never mind, she already responded…thought for sure she’d be passed out by now.

Holy shit!! That’s silly…did you say please?

Nah, wait…yesidid, wait…no, I didn’t. Kind of put it in a way that made me sound like a douche…I’m impressed…

Good to know, Mister…good to know… So what’s going on tonight??

Nothing, if there was a goal, one of us blew it.

So, gonna get ourselves then?

…of course…

(Third pk): Pks, you two are going to need more wine.


True!! Aight then, after I get more pasta…

What? The? Fuck are you talking about?? You were NOT..eating PASTA!?!?

Wait, wasn’t this a reflection night?

Yes!! It fucking was!!!

Dude, your handwriting sucks ass…jussayin.

FYI, stupid’s “just saying”, you’re SPELLING sucks ass!!!


You first.

I will! Just…hide your eyes.


Dude, you hilarious to youself..

Yeah..I crack me up…

Aaaaaand on that note…

Yep! Finish your beer silly…dude… ;)

OMGGGGG, gotta get home…

Ah, this is gonna suck…forgot where the car is.

Ah shiat…mothafucka, you better remember…



Your mind is pretty strong. I don’t mind saying.

Now THAT’S comedy, bra..I mean not laughing…? But I TOTALLY smell pasta…totally…really, really… Let’s find the car!!!
Oh, Gawd yes…lets…

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