Saturday, March 9, 2013

Uganda Man

Remember and believe what you are's True Love. It's what it looks like- brokenness is for others, as in it's meant for others worth, and not for you.
- This man has seen what has made him believe. he speaks in absolutes, as in there is NO..other..way. Not even a half way, or a fraction given. 'Maybe' doesn't exist in his world.

- All and over again do these days just keep falling. Like peanut butter flung on a wall in a sweltering house. I feel today it's a question of humanity relating itself for we are so, so distant when it comes to housing the soul of another. All of us looking for what every last one of us is looking for, but no one looking to fulfill it in another. Do we, or no? Because in small patterns *slash steps I'm sure we do. So how many times do we sit and answer that question? Not only that, (and in furthering the growth of our own soul) seek to put physical action to the cute sentiment...intended emoticons. At the end of that thought and at the end of our lives, how many of those experiences could we count? A blessed society we could...COULD be, if those outnumbered the years of our very lives.

Two souls sit in a rust-stained room. Calling on the memories to reanimate the feelings that they both were so certain existed. The current and recent actions proving the outcome. Recently even soiling the clothing they still wear after a physical expression of passion. And maybe coming to another epiphany that all others with wisdom and reason determine is wrong...the essence of true belief. (Uganda Man, a super hero in my mind). Though some things just don't make sense and the Love between them only star-crossed because the point of view was skewed. Maybe in this epiphany, they can both reason that enough time can pass that the stars can truly cross, if they can wait...just wait.
But in a another glance- they've been here. And if reason plays a supporting role, then all the belief in the world only accelerates a backward progression. Wearing the same clothes that forensics can prove a soiling over the same arguments and same pain. Old connections. Undying metaphysical bonds and cortical soul-ties.

" Just realize what didn't work before, why it didn't work, not 'THAT' it didn't. Fix the 'why' and try again."

More than belief is faith (think about it). Which I have for you both. and I do give my last vial of that substance to you and her. For more than a heaven's sake, drink it, it's worth something.
I used to believe in singularity, but now I believe for you both. Dare to do what hasn't been done yet.

Make it because you...choose to.

It's amazing, when we switch from our need to have to our need to give, what miracles can materialize from humanity. Leaving the true magic to God. In the end, in all forms of religion and agnosticism, it's not about who Loved you, it's about the Love you gave. In that, all of us are created equal. And no one will ever be greater than the other.

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