Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Read You

In eclipses, far off night skies of where we've been. They hold a worth that only lonely souls could ever interpret. The seldom seen but even more rare casting of sincerity. Almost as if something had again made its presence, hidden in Loved one's DNA. Or perhaps a story from posterity of charity that existed along the bloodline of the noble. And a descendant becoming inspired by such a story decides to re-ignite a passion once completely buried in deep and forgotten graves. Ironically remembering to not forget to see...what gift, indeed.
Sunset star-spangled banners wave inside the locks of her hair. The color of sailors fright, but not fright for me..I'm too accustomed to fear to be afraid of anything unknown. That color, for me, is flight towards the shallows of far off beach cities. Where horses still roam free and unbroken by civilized man. The steadiness of her hand over her eyes in that intuitive longing gaze. As if squinting intensely at the most elementary answers to her universe, of which I only conceive a dialect. She is her own skeptic and the truest critic of all her theocratic understanding. Doubting the doubt in herself, knowing she's just simply right. She's learning to be comfortable in the mystery of herself. And I just am...;)

And I already have a history of what she's meant to me. My idealism flies true to what atmosphere I honestly don't know. But the feeling is that it makes me forget..its MAKING me forget...

The idealistic value, shall I examine? Or just live? As I feel like doing, of course- It's like swimming in the great lakes and looking down to see the pale blue water illuminate my body, like I'm floating in pepperment tea. Just feels so cool, being a summer month. Those eyes (my God), those eyes. The only set, besides my Fathers, that I beg myself to look away from. As I see only white, she sees so differently. I feel my mind and heart are such a neglected book in a well visited library that she's come across and been intrigued by. Like a billboard we would pass on a road trip listening to amazing music. (You're such a sultry rock star).
She asks, " Why did you think THAT thought? Not objecting, just curious about it."
" I just don't want to waste time. Being its yours or mine or just- time, it shouldn't be wasted, not ever...with you. Although, wasting time with you is better than spending such moments in any other ambiguity, including saving the world. From a dreamers point of view, I've lived a thousand times this story. And all of them are a sideshow to this main stage 'attraction'. Directly now, do you know what it is that you do to me? I mean, when stars start shining in my pupils in that Panera parking lot, my mind travels to a place not ventured. And sometimes, I becon you to just- join me."
She says, " No- I guess I don't."
" Well, let that be a beginning. But only one..."
A screenplay, then? ;)

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