Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mr. Perfect...where are you hiding?

I'm in a trance, weeping, gently. Let me explain:

This path is so painted with the colors not even represented in any color wheel made by man or angel. Not even could they be mixed into our reality by them. We pass them everyday, often looking into them for ourselves. Or maybe what we can take to fill the empty corners in our blessed lives. Make no mistake, we are ALL- blessed. And they are all so beautiful. At times just like these, they pass through my mind, each getting noticed in detail. The tears fall because of a disbelief that they have crossed such a path as mine, and they bless me.

But also, because I have no words to describe the color..and it floors me and emotion takes over. I haven't even the ability to explain what I see, nor anything to liken it to so I can share the experience with you (reading). It's something you must discover yourself.

Brandon says, " It's time..." Is it? We all have pain, shared and not shared. And the cries from within form themselves into one long and unaffected 'hallelujah'. That echoes out onto the plain fields of day to day life. We all wait for the echo to come back to us. Making investments in things that in the back of our minds have no return value. Nothing equals 'black' in the rule of 72 with them. And this for a reason, so the strength we pull from not being heard gets us through the next cry alone.

It's a human thing...

But, what are we honestly waiting for? If we can't see the beauty in ourselves and our painful experiences, is that not being just as ignorant as those that look into us to complete themselves? I could be wrong, but maybe, just maybe, we change the view and see that another's secure retirement lies in us. Maybe we are the answer to that question. And in reality, it's not what we do that can be enough for someone else, but what we are...those colors that cannot be described in any tongue. And from one to one, ALL of them are different. So do not believe for a second that yours 'doesn't matter'.

Somewhere in the world, there are clouds dissipating. The sun is shining through on a broken heart. And what was planted in that heart is beginning to grow. And the fruit from that tree is a nurturing and healing thing. A life that was lost is taking hold of what brought it's death, and conquering it.

I've only seen her on a page. Pleasant photos revealing the good times. And what I feel is what is never represented in any photo. The true beauty that just brings a lasting peace. Your life is worth more than you know. And we all meet for reasons, not much happens on accident in this life to one that has their eyes open. Maybe in this instance, it was to bring a powerfully simple reminder of that truth. I see it, do you?

To us all, and to her, its not a Lover that needs be searched for. :) But Love itself. To each, may it mean what it needs to. You ARE deeply Loved. May every aspect of your colors, shine on- :)

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