Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Kevin Landry

There are things, signs, movements in the water. Most are so very unnoticable to the untrained eye (do you see?).  And it begs us to pay attention to destiny. Yes, we have every right to go on living our lives blind to them.

There are a few men and women in history that have affected destiny, their's being a destiny to affect it. And the only reason I can see that its necessary...NECESSARY, is for the good of someone else. Whether singularly or corporately.

A man risks a line at a bar to a wall flower, not even pretty to herself. She comes with smiles and pretty petals that smell nice, waiting to be noticed by someone, especially herself. And maybe, just maybe, she left her apartment that night just to give it one more shot. And this brave soul, risking what he can, sits beside her and simply says 'hi'...and they might Love happily ever after.

And a woman, seeking the ease of her own soul reaches out to an office friend, A female. Who in her own life is at the age where husbands die and wives are thrown back into being single. She has grown children whom don't live at home anymore. They have lives of their own. She is young enough to date and maybe find another...but why? Her life (the office mate) is spent going to work from home, errands and keeping up with a life that she never asked for but was dealt. She wonders where her years went and how many she has left. In the back of her mind she believes its over, but- In the middle of a work day, a fire alarm is pulled. The sprinkler system is activated. All others rush away from the wet, but she stays. Points her face to the ceiling and let's the 'rain' wash her office face away, revealing her true self. The woman comes to her, and 'friendily' kisses her on the lips in non-lesbian fashion. Just wanting to connect with that feeling that exists where life was not about having a man in her life, but simply living. And the two souls searching, awaken again. Experiencing Love again, in a completely different connection.

And a man who has followed signs all his life. Unrespected and misunderstood by his family and close friends runs from a cab down a freeway. He doesn't know why he is running, but for his life, he runs. He happens upon a fresh accident, a car in the water. Without a thought, without a micro-second of hesitant behavior, completely bereft of fear- he dives in. After seconds he emerges with two young girls. They scream that their father is still in the car, now all the way under water. He takes his final breath and goes under. Their father comes to the surface..but he doesn't.
A disapproving brother whom has freshly been awakened by the weirdness he sees in this man dives in, looking for his brother desperately. A minute passes as he breaks out of the water, screaming for help, his brother is unresponsive. Medics arrive on the scene and begin to attempt to save the sign-follower's life. An age passes- His brother crying, thinking he has lost something he just minutes ago discovered was most precious to him. Suddenly a cough, a gag, and life returns to the running man.

What does it take to be fearless? Answer these. What does it take to see what destiny is ours that can and will affect someone else. And when the time comes for action, in an instant, will- we- be- ready? Or will we grab our cell phone and call for help? The practice is the perfection. The risk is what we ignore but see everyday when we go to work, to the store, to church. It's the meaning behind everything we walk away from saying, " I should've done this..I should've said that."

And the only difference between 'yours' and 'ours' is a 'why'.

It's not about what can we do. It's about what will we do. To fail is to be practicing. And like Fabian, Doveau, Kent, Michelangelo, etc- practice makes perfect.

So illustrate your life. Make your masterpiece.

Thank you Kevin Landry.