Sunday, November 28, 2010

World, Meet Her

World, meet Her.

Meet wisdom,
Meet understanding,
Meet strength,
Meet endurance,
Meet struggle.

Meet the one person whom will not drop you.
Meet a learned decision maker.
Meet tears.
Meet the weeping of a senseless string of garbled transmission in hope.
Meet the find in this universe.
Meet a soul stained with white.
Meet an illusion of fear.
Meet an overcomer.

Meet my help.
Meet truth when is doesn't exist.
Meet the Lover of my greatest gifts.

Meet a kiss that is forever meant.
Meet a new born's lips and breath.
Meet the nightmare's good dream.

Please, my friends, please...

Meet my one Lover.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi patrick: to see her, do you see...a pretty face and you are drawn to kiss her.

do you think...beautiful, when the moon light showers her face...

when her hand goes to hold yours as you naturally, does it feel...beautiful. When she looks into her eyes...and doesn't have to say...I love you...because you can see it in her eyes.

when she is under you, holding you after making love...the sound of her breathing makes you feel like the world spins only because of her...

how beautiful...

what a wonderful person to meet. : )

Scorpio Transmission said...

Hey Spiky! Wow, that was good. Made me look back and read again and realized...I didn't even mention her physical beauty in this read. Someday, I hope you to meet her.

Honey, I miss you! There's a long message coming your way soon! I'm sorry I've been so caught up in this life. Things are well though, as well as they can be :). I Love you, Spiky-