Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Always Thought

Everytime she sways her thought I think of the rocky passages that litter my flight path into her soul...

The birds with wings that never grew. Meant to carry her SOS to help that never came. Being the entity in her dreams that always heard them, but could never come to her aid...until now.

I am not pretender. I am flying toward you. Arms with no feathers open wide. Shooting through the turbulence and dichotomy of awkward feelings and tattered memories. Like a blue streak with golden trails. I'm flying straight to your hearts soul... To rescue from shadows that wont let go. The scars on my hand, their fear. But You, My not fear these hands. They are attached to the arms that hold you. Which are attached to the chest that parks you...

Which is fed by the heart that beats your blood and keeps me flying. That can never have too little space...for you, my most Love. To the end of all things...

I desperately, Love you.

(written: 9/26/10)

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Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi Honey: love yourself too sweetie. I know it can be hard especially when it comes to love.

sometimes the choices we make are hard...but have to be made. There has to come a time where two meet halfway...and become one. Never to be broken...and go without.

there has to come a time when love is understood for what it is...go or stay in the light...come back or do not come back stay in the dark. Choices we make...either way love changes and will never be the same as it was before.

where ever the choices lead well my friend.

ciao honey.