Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Old Prayer

From the depths of sorrow in my own soul I asked You to answer me. I begged for something of You, did You answer me?
Was this You?
I laid myself out bare for all to see, for all to know that I'd bear their burdens. To feel their need and give them relief. From the heart inside me, was that You?
Or my flesh?
I still haven't heard You.
I still don't know what it is You want but I'll do what You have asked so many times. To Love 'til my dying breath.
And I will do it.
But I beg You sir, send me my Angel! Send her to me please! Only You know who she is. Only You know when she will come and how she will effect my life.
'Til then, I will Love.
My character and resolve to be "good" will fail many times, I know this.
But I will try.
I can't even say I'll do my best right now. But I'll do what I know best to do.
For all my life and longer!

(written: 12/30/09)

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