Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Push your Pen!

Blocked in like oceans screaming. To see the  bottom of their own depth. Run it dry as if the sun just wont come tomorrow and you are the only one that knows...

Breath and life and even Love means nothing mentioned in the same sentences...as if these moments are drowning in their own mysticism if not drawn viciously from the temporary wells of which they make their home. Fall madly and deeply in Love with her, in a moment. Share its lifetime of fears, terror, tears and dread then drown it all in laughter..then perish..free.
Streaming energy, screaming in light away from temperment. Living only in perilous fire. It rears its dragon head as if the KingFish came to the surface to take a breath of air, its first. Paining water-borne gills, forcing evolution.

The KingFish takes a look around at the surface. Seeing the 'nothing' and all the pale faces, " Why are you so human?!? In your dictionary term being nothing less than a form of a god, aren't you?? So if your god has wings, then why not fly? Why not shoot from the atmosphere in which only gravity keeps you and throw off that humanity? Shake the chains lose and let safety fall to the ground! LIVE, I SAY!!! You were given the gift of lungs and Love and freedom to move, why do you not express it?? As if a fish can have a face. I would rob you of all these simple blessings. Rob you of your lives to feel, just for a moment, the entity of tragedy and bliss your emotions can contain...COME TO LIFE!!!! As if a simple fish with no words to sing or breath to exhale more than my own death. Like Elisha's bones cried out to the retreating fallen soldier, I command you and dare you to LIVE!!!

And the death of the fish comes, wains, as he falls to the side. And with a backwards stare to the depths, whispering, " Live, my brethren...live..."
And it dies...shall we, then?

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